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Happy Birthday to Neo, Rochester, N.Y.!


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Coming soon, Ruby Cavachons Sired by Redford, below!

Look who is all grown up: Brody, Southington, CT

Announcing our Accelerated Puppy Program!

Announcing our Accelerated Puppy Training Program!

The Monarchy now offers a two-week  (starting at age 8 weeks) ‘Accelerated Puppy Training Program’ . . . exclusively for our adoptive families.  Price:  $825

The following goals will be reached with our ‘Accelerated Puppy Training Program’:

Your puppy will adjust away from the litter, (which is more dog oriented), to an environment which is more people oriented.  

Your puppy will be crate trained--meaning in most cases, your puppy can hold potty and remain quiet overnight and for extended periods during the day in the crate and/or puppy playpen.

Your puppy will use the potty system of your choice (indoors or outdoors), with good consistency; and, he/she will be on a schedule of eating, drinking, and going potty to make continued house training much easier.

Your puppy will be introduced to walking on a lead and will become familiar with wearing a collar and leash.

Your puppy will learn its name and will be introduced to basic commands:  sit, down, stay, come.

Your puppy will be introduced to basic grooming and maintenance such as coat brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming and teeth cleaning.

Age Appropriate Vaccinations will be given (10 week vaccination).

This program is most suited for those who do not want, or cannot handle, those first very messy and noisy days of crate training.  Puppies enrolled in the two week program will have just been introduced to the potty training process and will begin to learn what is expected of them.  They will require a great deal of attention to continue the potty training in your home.  Your puppy will be introduced to the “bell system” if desired.  For more information, please contact The Monarchy.  Registration is limited.

GiGi and Ozzie Cavachons, July 2014!

Fabric Samples for Custom Crate Covers Pictured Above.

Sponsored by:

Cavachons from The Monarchy                   and      

  Timshell Farm - Cava-Poo-Chons and Designer Puppies

Click HERE to see puppies available NOW at Timshell Farm.

Click HERE to see puppies available NOW at The Monarchy


3 New Custom Crate Covers, Now Sold Exclusively to our Families Only!

These 3 new designs and colors are available now to the first 3 families who inquire!  There is a very limited # of these new patterns, contact Melanie if interested.  413.893.9012.  These fit the two-door crates that are sold on Amazon/Midwest, perfect for Cavachons and Cavapoochons.  Several sizes are available, for prices visit    Shipping is Free of Charge!

Other covers can be custom-sewn with a fabric and pattern of your choosing. Scroll down and to your left to see close-up pictures of the coordinating fabrics!


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Rawhide is very dangerous for your dogs!


Rawhide is soaked in an ash/lye solution to remove every particle of meat, fat and hair and then further soaked in bleach to remove remaining traces of the ash/lye solution.  Now that the product is no longer food, it no longer has to comply with food regulations.  While the hide is still wet, it is shaped into rawhide chews, and upon drying, it shrinks to approximately 1/4 of its original size.  Furthermore, arsenic-based products are often used as preservatives, and antibiotics and insecticides are added to kill bacteria that also fight against good bacteria in your dog's intestines.  The collagen fibres in the rawhide make it very tough and long-lasting, which makes this chew a popular choice for humans to give to their dogs because it satisfies the dog's natural urge to chew while providing many hours of quiet entertainment.  Sadly, when a dog chews on a rawhide treat, they ingest many harsh chemicals and when your dog swallows a piece of rawhide, that piece can swell up to four times its size inside your dog's stomach, which can cause anything from mild to severe gastric blockages that could become life threatening and require surgery.  While we are at it, please note that Pig's Ears and Hoof Treats are on the 'no' list as well. and should be especially avoided.   Pig's Ears are processed and preserved with unhealthy chemicals that discerning dog guardians will not want to feed their dogs.  Hoof Treats are not 'natural' as indicated and after processing these treats retain little if any of their natural qualities.  Hoof treats are treated with insecticides, lead, bleach, arsenic based products and antibiotics to kill bacteria which can harm the good bacteria in your dog's intestines.  Hooves can cause preforation or blockages in  your dog's intestines.

Coming next . . . Probiotics for your puppy and dog, how many of you use them and can you share your thoughts about them? 

Melanie McCarthy - Cavachons From The Monarchy


Male Pups and Neutering

Started by Melanie McCarthy in Cavachon Forum. Last reply by Nancy Hastings Sep 20. 10 Replies

Recently I was asked by a Cavachon Owner whose male is 5-6 months old, if anyone else's pup has recently been neutered and what the experiences have been like?  Did anyone's pup from the Dec 17th Cavachon litter recently go through neutering?  Thanks for sharing!  Melanie McCarthyContinue

Tear Stains

Started by Shari Corum in Cava-Poo-Chon Forum Sep 9. 0 Replies

I switched Poppleton to canned food and now he has tear stains.   He had been on kibble his whole life (all two years) and was never a great eater.    He loves the canned and I hate to switch him back.    Continue

Tags: stains, tear

Bitter Apple Spray - to discourage chewing on furniture, etc.

Started by Melanie McCarthy in Cavachon Forum. Last reply by Nancy Hastings Sep 1. 11 Replies

I've heard that Bitter Apple Spray helps discourage chewing, on all the wrong things.Has anyone else used this and do you have any other suggestions to help with this?Continue

Need Help and Discussion on Finding the Right Adult Food for My Cavachon!

Started by Melanie McCarthy in Cavachon Forum. Last reply by Melanie McCarthy Aug 25. 13 Replies

8/17/14 Need Help Finding Right Adult Dog Food for My Cavachon. . . she is a very picky eater!Question from Eric D. in Houston:I am still trying to find an adult grain free dry dog food for Phoebe that she would eagerly embrace.  I also want one that has a protein level of 30 or less. Perhaps some of the other Cavachon owners use a brand these dogs really like. Also, we feed Phoebe two small meals twice a day. Maybe once a day is enough?Your thoughts?Continue

House Breaking

Started by Katie in Cava-Poo-Chon Forum. Last reply by Melanie McCarthy Aug 18. 16 Replies

I am going crazy. This little dog is the hardest to potty train I've ever had. He is just days shy of being 3 months old, and I swear, he holds it while he's outside with our other dog and then eliminates--on the kitchen floor, rugs or inside his crate, as soon as he's let back in. My labradoodle has never had these problems. Please help. I have no idea what to do. We limit the food and water intake to twice a day, don't leave either of those out all day and give the dogs plenty of time outside. There is a specific place the dogs eliminate, except this little cavapoochon puppy chooses the stone deck (when he does eliminate outside) rather than the cedar chip corner. I'm going mad.Thanks--KatieContinue

Tags: breaking, house, training, Potty

Murray at 12 weeks

Started by Nancy Hastings in Cavachon Forum. Last reply by Melanie McCarthy Jun 28. 3 Replies

He is delightful. Rarely has an accident anymore. Goes to his crate at about 9 PM and is patiently waiting at the door for me at 6 AM, we don't even hear him before then. Sometimes he uses his puppy bathroom, sometimes it's dry. I take him our right away and he always does his business. I take him out now about every two hours. His vet apt. this week was great. Has had 2 sets of shots, heart worm and flea and tic treatment. He now weighs 7.7 lbs.  Goes into his carry crate without problems. I am using Chet Womach's Hands Off training and it works.Continue

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