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Summer Advice from Brad Jaffe, Dogological

Hot Hot Hot

 Summertime is for fun, but fun in the sun can be deadly to dogs.  It is estimated that thousands of dogs die every year from heat related causes. A little information and common sense can save lives.


Your dogs average body temperature ranges between 100 to 102.5 degrees. We have sweat glands all over our body which help to keep us cool but our dogs have very small sweat glands only on the bottom of their feet and on their noses. Try walking around in a wetsuit and a fur coat on 100+ degree day and it may give you some insight on how your dog feels. Oh, by the way don't forget to be barefoot! 


Panting is the primary heat releaser for your dogs body. If the air temperature is higher than their body temperature they CAN'T cool down.


Watch the feet! If you're taking your dog out, be sure to put your bare foot or hand on the surface that they'll be walking on and hold it there for 5 seconds. If you can't do it they can't walk on it! 




Helping an Overheated Dog


If you're dog gets 

overheated DO NOT POUR COLD WATER on Him/Her, they could go into shock and make things worse. If you are near an Animal Hospital take your dog there, and let the veterinarian access the situation. If you can't get to a veterinarian  and you can safely get your dog home have them lay on a cool surface such as cool tile. You can use a cool rag or towel to gently cool their body. If your dog is not responding to you or does not seem to be getting better go to the closest veterinarian to evaluate your dog.

Go for a Swim

Swimming is a great and super fun way to get your dog plenty of exercise in the summer. Some dogs will naturally swim but I'm not a fan of the old "toss your dog in the water and they'll figure it out" method. 

  • One of the best ways to teach dogs to swim is to take them to a nearby lake where they can walk in and slowly get used to the water. Play in the shallow water with their favorite toy and slowly take them into deeper water. When they can get chest deep and are sill enjoying  it, gently put your arms around their body and ease them into a little deeper where their feet can't touch the bottom. Slowly take your arms away and have them swim back to the shallower area. Let them get comfortable at their own pace.
  •  If you're teaching them in a pool use the steps to ease your dog in. If your dog is going to have access to a pool when no one is home, be sure they know how to swim and more importantly how to get out. If your dog is too scared to swim or is too small to reach the steps but they will still have access to a pool unattended (which I highly recommend against), we recommend a Skamper Ramp; click here to view their site.. It's a great piece of safety equipment for any home with a dog and a pool! 


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Started by Liz H. in Cavachon Forum. Last reply by Melanie McCarthy May 23. 1 Reply

Our 14week old Cavachon likes to scratch as if she was a cat. Has anyone else encountered this and if so, what did you do? We got a scratching pad but she shows no interest in it.

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May 24
Melanie McCarthy replied to Liz H.'s discussion Scratching
"Hi Liz, Just saw this.  Haven't heard of this happening before, unless she is scratching what she is standing on, or more like "digging" at it.  Sometimes this digging is simply trying to make a 'comfortable' spot…"
May 23
Melanie McCarthy liked Liz H.'s photo
May 23
Amy Simmons is now a member of Cava Puppies Express - Cavachons and Cava-poo-chons
May 15
Liz H. posted a discussion


Our 14week old Cavachon likes to scratch as if she was a cat. Has anyone else encountered this and if so, what did you do? We got a scratching pad but she shows no interest in it.
May 13
Liz H. posted a photo
May 13
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May 7
Mary Johnson is now a member of Cava Puppies Express - Cavachons and Cava-poo-chons
May 2
Stephanie posted a discussion

Picky Eater

Does anyone have advice for picky eaters? Brewster needs to have a teaspoon of wet food mixed with her kibble to eat, but even with that she remains picky. I've read that small dogs can get tired of the protein and need it changed periodically. Any advice or kibble that has worked well for anyone?
Apr 22
Linda Rogers posted a photo


Little Henry, CavaPooChon, ready for his new home now (April 14, 2016).
Apr 14
Linda Rogers commented on Linda Rogers's status
"We have one little adorable male we call "Henry" and he's ready for his new home now! Contact me at  Linda"
Apr 14
Linda Rogers posted photos
Apr 14
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Apr 4
Julie Podziba is now a member of Cava Puppies Express - Cavachons and Cava-poo-chons
Apr 4
Cheryl posted a photo
Apr 1
Joyce Raglin posted a discussion

Meet Tassie

This is Tassie, a Cavapoochon from Timshell Farm. She'll soon be eight months old and is almost ten pounds. Love to see more pictures of other Timshell pups!
Mar 31

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