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Bristol, after Grooming, Sturbridge, MA 4/2014

Crate Covers are here! Canine Collections for Royalty


Many of you have asked where to purchase the very best quality crate covers, ones that are high-end, affordable and can easily be washed. The Monarchy and Timshell Farm proudly announce:  Crate Covers by Exclusive Canine Collections.  Just a few examples of fabrics with coordinating liners (shown immediately after the fabric) are shown below.  You can read more by going to the link below. In addition to the few samples shown, you can also order with your own fabric choice from Premier Collection. All of this will be found on the order page through the link below.

To order, go to this Link:

Melanie McCarthy, The Monarchy

413 893.9012

Linda Rogers, Timshell Farm

More samples:

Premier Prints Traditions Natural/Chocolate

Premier Prints Dottie Chocolate/Natural

Acetex Monica Damask Sand

Braemore Henry Ikat Silver

Floral &Texture Stripes White

Summer Rose Petite Flower Yellow

Potty Training Apartments

To learn more about these Potty Apartments,and to purchase, please refer to the Potty Apartment Tab above. You may also view the You Tube Video below.  If ordering, you will receive a 5% discount through the Cava Express Site.  Please use Coupon Code CM01057 to receive your discount.  This potty system is well suited for indoor training, but please know that additional outdoor training is also a part of the program!

Thank you!

Dog Teaching Program - New!

For those of you that have been following me and Dogological you already know about my desire to create a complete at home dog training system. I have seen the detrimental effects that are crushing the spirits of dogs all around by the use of intimidating, dominating, and often violent training methods that have dominated the overall approach to training dogs for many years. These methods unfortuantely have become the accepted way of training dogs. The alpha / dominance model humiliates our dogs and have made people believe that that's the only way to teach our dogs. It's time for a change. There IS a way to teach our dogs through love and compassion using common sense techniques that build confidence, and strengthen our relationship. By communicating clearly what we want from our dogs in a way that they understand, we build a cooperative partnership that recognizes the intelligence of our dogs.

With the unconditional love that our dogs give to us day after day, we owe it to them to learn their language and help them learn what it is that we ask of them in a way that they can understand and watch how quickly they will joyously learn. The Dogological method does this.


Dogological, Inc.

3935 East Meadowbrook Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85018


Sponsored by:

Cavachons from The Monarchy        and                        Timshell Farm - Cava-Poo-Chons and Designer Puppies

Click HERE to see puppies available NOW at Timshell Farm.


Custom Crate Covers!


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Neurological Stimulation in Puppy Prepardness

Progressive Breeders Employ Early Neurological Stimulation

. . . Timshell Farm

. . . Cavachons from The Monarchy

According to an article by Dr. Carmen Battaglia as well as research from the U.S. Miltary, it was learned that early neurological stimulation exercises could have important and lasting effects on puppies and adult dogs.  Timshell Farm and The Monarchy employ these daily exercises in pups beginning on Day 3 of their lives.  This coincides with the "1st period" of rapid neurological growth and development, which begins on the third day of life and lasts until the sixteenth day.  The development of this "Bio Sensor" program and the results of research can be found on this website under the Tab entitled "Puppy Prepardness."  Under the same tab, you will find a detailed description of the exercises along with pictures to demonstrate the tactile stimulation. This Bio Sensor program easily fits into our established puppy rearing process and supports our values.  This does not replace our early socialization program.  If  you have any questions about this program for our newborns, please contact either Timshell Farm or the Monarchy.  Thank you.


Indoor potty system

Started by Nancy Hastings in Cavachon Forum Mar 29. 0 Replies

With the new input I have decided that as soon as my puppy is "trained" hoping Melanie is right thAt they can hold it overnight when they go home, I will just use it as a back up bathroom only,on our enclosed back porch where we could just let him/her out in bad weather or late at night. I have another crate for sleeping that a neighbor is giving me. I appreciate all the comments. I am learning so much before I even get my puppy. I will be very ready.

Does Anyone Use an Indoor Potty System?

Started by Melanie McCarthy in Cavachon Forum. Last reply by Melanie McCarthy Mar 28. 10 Replies

Just wondering if anyone out there uses an Indoor Potty System.  What are the pros and cons?We will be posting one to this site soon but also want to start a discussion regarding the kinds that are out there and what works and what doesn't?Continue

Thank you!!! ;)))

Started by Karen Sullivan in Cavachon Forum. Last reply by Melanie McCarthy Mar 20. 1 Reply

Hi Melanie,I just want to say how Glad and Lucky I am to have found your site.  You cannot imagine how wonderful Emmy is..  She loves everyone (and every dog friend) she comes in contact with.  She finally met her cousins Maggie the golden and Kody the lab on the vineyard this past weekend, and had her first run on the beach with them (she is only 5.5 months old).  And believe me, she kept up with them!!! First time she was off-leash, and she had a blast!!!  I was having heart attacks, but she was fantastic and stayed right with them.  I assume all of your Cavachons are like her, but I have never had a more lovable dog.  Thank you so much!I hope your winter was fantastic (and warm)...I can't wait until she can go swimming this summer, since she already had a taste of it and Loved it!!! Thanks so much,KarenContinue

Bitter Apple Spray - to discourage chewing on furniture, etc.

Started by Melanie McCarthy in Cavachon Forum. Last reply by Melanie McCarthy Feb 23. 9 Replies

I've heard that Bitter Apple Spray helps discourage chewing, on all the wrong things.Has anyone else used this and do you have any other suggestions to help with this?Continue

How many people clean their dog's teeth and how is it done?

Started by Melanie McCarthy in Cavachon Forum Feb 22. 0 Replies

As a breeder, the topic of teeth cleaning comes up often enough.  I am wondering what methods are used to clean your dog's teeth?  Do you clean your dog's teeth?  How often?Research has already documented that poor gum health, decaying teeth, general poor mouth conditions can contribute and lead to other diseases and of course large Vet bills.The article below is taken from the AKC site and is offered here for discussionAccording to a recent study, 78% of dogs over the age of three suffer from some form of dental disease, making it the most common health problem affecting dogs.* February is Oral Healthcare Month. To celebrate, here are some tips, tools and factsBrushing:  Start by brushing with one piece of gauze wrapped around your finger. Later you can graduate to a soft bristled toothbrush.  Never use human toothpaste as some contain an artificial sweetener called xylitol, which is very toxic to dogs.  No toothpaste is necessary; however, dogs prefer the flavor pastes made…Continue

Grooming and Cleaning

Started by Melanie McCarthy in Cava-Poo-Chon Forum. Last reply by Holly & Terry Roels Dec 29, 2013. 2 Replies

I would love to hear comments about grooming and cleaning your pups and adult dogs, especially as it comes to ear cleaning.  Does anyone successfully use apple cidar vinegar to clean ears or saline solution.  Floppy ears need a weekly cleaning and I'm never sure of the way to accomplish this to avoid ear infections. I also have two large German Shephards who are prone to ear infections.  Love to hear from you all on this topic.Melanie McCarthyContinue

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Home-made puppy bed to match my crate cover. Cover removable and washable. Hope Murray likes it.
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Crate cover

Not fancy but I made it myself.
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