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Judy Cole's CavaPooChonsons Sophie and Marlee!

Potty Training Reminders:

Housebreaking ranks high on the frustration list for dog owners. However, we are here to help!

We recommend crate training to help potty training go smoothly and quickly. Crate training also holds many other benefits, but we are just going to discuss potty training for now.

Things you’ll need

Wire or plastic crate correctly sized for your puppy/dog

 Safe chew toys

 Sheet or blanket to cover the crate when/if necessary

 High quality food

 High quality, soft, small dog treats

 Patience, time & consistency 

Place the crate in a location such as a bedroom, kitchen or laundry room. It should be in a medium-traffic area that is not too far from the door you will take the puppy out of to go to the proper potty area (preferably a fenced in yard).

Take your puppy out often, depending on age. Most young puppies (under 12 weeks) need to go out every 25-45 minutes. Increase the time gradually as the puppy becomes more reliable with potty habits.

When to take puppy out

First thing in the morning

 10-20 minutes after eating breakfast

 After 15 minutes of play (this includes if he is in the middle of play)

 Every 20-45 minutes depending upon age, when he’s awake

 As soon as he wakes up from a nap

 Just before going into the crate (anytime day or night)

 During the night every 2-4 hours if under 12 weeks of age

When your puppy is out of his crate, tether him to you as you walk around the house so that he cannot have an accident. Follow the instructions above on when to take him out.

The best advice is to never allow a puppy to have an accident.  

Brody (Cavachon) all grown up!

GiGi and Ozzie Cavachons, July 2014!

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The power of canned pumpkin!

 Benefits of Feeding Pumpkin to Pets  

A superfood? The miracle ingredient? Pumpkins are not just for making great Halloween decorations. Full of antioxidants, vitamin A and iron with virtually no sodium, pumpkin is a safe and healthy addition to your pet's diet. In fact, many pet parents keep a few cans of 100% pumpkin on hand for “just-in-case” moments. Keep reading to learn the benefits of pumpkin…


Pumpkin is a great source of fiber and when added to your dog's diet will absorb water from the stomach and firm up the stool. Pumpkin is especially good if you are transitioning between foods or if the diarrhea is a result of a dietary indiscretion. You don't have to use much, just a couple of teaspoons for a big dog and less for a smaller dog. If no response is seen contact your vet because diarrhea can be a symptom of a more serious disease or condition.


The fiber in canned pumpkin also helps prevent constipation by increasing the physical bulk of the stool and increasing the water content. Because it is a gentle form of laxative you can use it long term if necessary. Adjust the amount to get the right stool consistency. Again a veterinary consult should be arranged if the constipation is accompanied by any other symptoms such as bloody stool or vomiting.


Another great use for canned pumpkin is as a healthy alternative to high calorie treats. Stuff a Kong type toy with pumpkin instead of peanut butter or cream cheese. Freeze until hard and then let your dog enjoy an icy treat. For extra fun hide a small dog biscuit in the stuffing.

  • Fill an ice cube tray with pumpkin, freeze and hand out as pumpkin-pops.
  • A dollop of pumpkin puree can hide a pill just as well as liverwurst or cheese.
  • If your pup needs to lose weight, use pumpkin instead of peanut butter in your favorite dog biscuit recipe. Just be sure to adjust the amount of liquid you normally add to the mix.

And if you are switching to a new dog food, use pumpkin as an in-between treat.  It helps the body to 'forgive' diet changes!

For a basic recipe try the following adapted from

  • 2 ½ cups whole wheat flour   Do not use Flour – you should use a grain free substitute here!
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2-1cup canned pumpkin
  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter-may increase to taste
  • ½ teaspoon salt (optional) and /or cinnamon.

 Mix all ingredients together adding small amounts of water as necessary to keep the dough workable but not gummy, roll out and cut into the size desired. Bake in a 350 degree pre-heated oven for about 40 minutes until hard.You can be very creative with this recipe and add oatmeal, fruit, even baby food and still get some yummy cookies.

Fresh or canned this orange gourd is a winner. 


Other Treats, Toys and Chews - Please share yours too!




Bitter Apple Spray - to discourage chewing on furniture, etc.

Started by Melanie McCarthy in Cavachon Forum. Last reply by Nancy Hastings Jul 18. 10 Replies

I've heard that Bitter Apple Spray helps discourage chewing, on all the wrong things.Has anyone else used this and do you have any other suggestions to help with this?Continue

Murray at 12 weeks

Started by Nancy Hastings in Cavachon Forum. Last reply by Melanie McCarthy Jun 28. 3 Replies

He is delightful. Rarely has an accident anymore. Goes to his crate at about 9 PM and is patiently waiting at the door for me at 6 AM, we don't even hear him before then. Sometimes he uses his puppy bathroom, sometimes it's dry. I take him our right away and he always does his business. I take him out now about every two hours. His vet apt. this week was great. Has had 2 sets of shots, heart worm and flea and tic treatment. He now weighs 7.7 lbs.  Goes into his carry crate without problems. I am using Chet Womach's Hands Off training and it works.Continue

Grooming our CavaPooChons

Started by Ken in Cava-Poo-Chon Forum. Last reply by Nancy Hastings Jun 28. 3 Replies

We have two Cavapoochons and they are four month old sisters.  I have given them baths and clean their eyes and ears, but have never cut their hair.  Do they need to have their hair cut?  What kind of cut do we tell the groomer to give our little pups?Thanks,Ken Continue

Tags: grooming


Started by Nancy Hastings in Cavachon Forum. Last reply by Melanie McCarthy Jun 20. 4 Replies

Play date with BFF Max.

Male Pups and Neutering

Started by Melanie McCarthy in Cavachon Forum. Last reply by Melanie McCarthy Jun 10. 4 Replies

Recently I was asked by a Cavachon Owner whose male is 5-6 months old, if anyone else's pup has recently been neutered and what the experiences have been like?  Did anyone's pup from the Dec 17th Cavachon litter recently go through neutering?  Thanks for sharing!  Melanie McCarthyContinue

Puppy Apartment UPDATE

Started by Nancy Hastings in Cavachon Forum. Last reply by Nancy Hastings Jun 8. 2 Replies

I have the "puppy apartment". We are using it only at night. Murray goes outside the rest of the time and doing great with that. He does use the puppy bathroom during the night to pee. Goes to bed easily "with a treat" and I don't hear him until 4:45AM.You could set your clock by him. For us, getting that night's sleep is worth it.

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