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Chew on this!

The Ultimate Chew Toy - Raw Meaty Bones

Posted on: April 18, 2012 by Global Pet Foods HRM

Here’s something that your pet wants you to know:  He/she like bones!  Your pet, the one that shares your pillow at night, refuses to go out when it’s raining and only eats dinner in front of the television, secretly longs to sink his/her teeth into a nice, raw, meaty bone.  Why? Although our dogs and cats get pampered and catered to, they are still animals at heart. Wait, before you get grossed out by the thought of your furry friend devouring a raw bone on your living room floor, let us tell you why raw meaty bones will make your pets happier and healthier. 

The number one reason for giving your pet a raw meaty bone is for the behavioural benefits. Chewing is their natural behaviour.  Many dog owners search endlessly (and in vain) for toys their dog cannot destroy.  But toys are not meant for chewing!  If your dog wants to chew (and most do) give him/her a bone and you’ll both be happy!  Cats also chew inappropriate household items because they too instinctively look to chew.  These behaviours can be remedied by providing raw bones as an outlet for the natural urge to chew.  Not only do raw meaty bones help entertain pets, chewing bones is also known to release endorphins, which create feelings of wellbeing.  This too helps your animal stay happy, as well as healthy! 

Secondly, there are digestive benefits.  Raw meaty bones are a highly digestible source of calcium.  They have a cleansing/scouring effect on the digestive tract and provide bulk for healthy bowel movements, which in turn helps stimulate anal gland emptying.  Raw meaty bones also help keep the digestive juices flowing and boost the neurological and immune systems.  Raw bones are also a great source of vitamins, minerals, protein and fatty acids.

Finally, there are dental benefits to chewing on bones.  The process of chewing the meat and bones can help clean away any food residues or tartar development. The abrasion between bone and teeth when chewing scrapes off dental plaque.  Cartilage, ligaments and tendons are thought to act as a natural dental floss.  The chewing and tearing action also strengthens the jaw, neck and shoulder muscles.

Raw meaty bones are appropriate for cats and dogs of all ages, including puppies and kittens.  The most important thing to remember when selecting a bone is the size of the animal and the chewing attitude - larger animals usually can handle larger bones, cats and small dogs generally do better with small bones, duck/chicken necks or beef tails, however, there are exceptions to the rule and you will find that some small dogs prefer BIG bones and big dogs who prefer to happily pick away at smaller bones.  In any case, avoid bones that might tempt pets who have a tendency to swallow anything whole without chewing.  As with any bone, chew or toy it is highly recommended that you supervise your pet while it is chewing.

Raw bones are not dangerous.  If you pet has never chewed on a bone, especially raw and you know that they have a sensitive digestive system, you will want to introduce any type of bone gradually, however, please remember, your pet is built to chew and break down raw bones and their digestive system knows how to process them. 

NEVER give your pet a cooked or boiled bone!  Cooked bones become brittle and will splinter and break easily, which could result in choking or your pet swallowing pieces too large to digest.  Raw bones are easy to digest, but cooked bones are very slow to break down in the digestive system causing pain, bleeding, and constipation.  Cooked bones are NEVER, EVER recommended. 

Chewing on a bone is an instinctual and stimulating activity for dogs and cats.  It’s true, there are many misconceptions about giving bones, especially raw, but we encourage you NOT to let these misconceptions, or your own distaste, prevent your pet from enjoying the pleasures and benefits of raw bones!  Why deny such a simple, healthy, delicious and beneficial treat? As the old song goes:  “Give your dog a bone”… and let it be raw.  He/she will love you for it!

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Announcing our Accelerated Puppy Program!

Announcing our Accelerated Puppy Training Program!

The Monarchy now offers a two-week  (starting at age 8 weeks) ‘Accelerated Puppy Training Program’ . . . exclusively for our adoptive families.  Price:  $925

The following goals will be reached with our ‘Accelerated Puppy Training Program’:

Your puppy will adjust away from the litter, (which is more dog oriented), to an environment which is more people oriented.  

Your puppy will be crate trained--meaning in most cases, your puppy can hold potty and remain quiet overnight and for extended periods during the day in the crate and/or puppy playpen.

Your puppy will use the potty system of your choice (indoors or outdoors), with good consistency; and, he/she will be on a schedule of eating, drinking, and going potty to make continued house training much easier.

Your puppy will be introduced to walking on a lead and will become familiar with wearing a collar and leash.

Your puppy will learn its name and will learn the 'sit' command and be introduced to the 'come' command. Learning the 'sit' command establishes a "listening" reference point between your pup and you, the alpha figure; this is invaluable in potty training/listening.

Your puppy will be introduced to basic grooming and maintenance such as coat brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming and teeth cleaning.

This program is most suited for those who do not want, or cannot handle, those first very messy and noisy days of crate training.  Puppies enrolled in the two week program will have just been introduced to the potty training process and will begin to learn what is expected of them.  They will require continued attention to continue the potty training in your home.  For more information, please contact The Monarchy.  Registration is limited.


New Training Program Available

Brad Jaffe's Dogological DVD Training Program

Email to order:

For more details please visit

Teach your dog great manners and build a stronger, mutually beneficial, life-long partnership!

 Beautiful DVD videos include 

v  4 Hours of instruction

v  60 video demonstrations including

v  Sit, Down, Stay, Door Behavior, Heel

Plus, extra video’s cover

v  Potty Training

v  Puppy Socialization

v  Dogological Trivia

 “From raising a puppy, to obedience training, to dealing with severe behavioral problems such as separation anxiety and all forms of aggression, Brad is a true animal behaviorist using non-forceful, psychological behavior modification techniques.”  William O. Bracken, DVM, Phoenix, AZ

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'KoKo' and Patricia D . . finally going home!


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Special Photo Contest!

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Only for Members of the Cava Express Site!

 Send us photos of your Cavachons and Cava-Poo-Chons – Any pose will do!  We’ll be giving several great prizes!  Send up to 20 photos… cute ones, dogs in costumes or clothing, playing dogs, training…  sleeping – just send us photos of your Cavachon or Cava-Poo-Chon.  Only members of the Cava Express site may participate! 

 First Prize:  Custom Crate Cover for your designer doggy’s den!  Value $190.  Beautiful material, great fit, durable and washable.  Cute roll-up/down (front  and side) panels.    Matching pillow sham included.  An “Original” from Cavachons From the Monarchy.


SECOND AND THIRD PRIZES - Gift Certificates: for some hot-dog shoppin’ fun!  Look at some of the possibilities:


Second Prize:  $100 gift certificate for!  Great items – huge selection!

 Third Prize: $50 gift certificate for  

Contest Details:  Deadline to send photos:  June 30, 2015

Send in up to 20 of your favorite photos of your Cavachon or Cava-Poo-Chon, either as a puppy or a grown dog (or both!) – to this email address:

Funny, cute, dressed up, with people, sleeping, doing tricks …  We are excited to see them all!  Contest participants grant permission for their photo submissions to be used on Timshell Farm, the Cava Express Site, and/or Cavachons From the Monarchy website.  Photo credits will be given to participant and privacy will be protected (names, etc.).



Trip home

Started by Stephanie in Cavachon Forum. Last reply by Melanie McCarthy Jul 19. 3 Replies

Does anyone recommend a car "booster"? If so, which one and at what age? Also, did anyone use a soft carrier for the voyage home or was puppy held during the car ride? Thanks!

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"I am not sure if the last message made it through, Emma is Maxie's mom.  She is  a Petite Golden Cava-Doodle.   Our third Timshell pup and they are wonderful.  Best,  Mark "
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Bailey Christmas 2014

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Ruby (Cavachon) Water Adventure

Water Loving Cavachon 'Ruby'
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"My Mason is 9 months old now. We have used the Lookout II booster seat since we got him at 10 weeks. He only travels in the seat. He never gets car sick, can see out the windows, and is very comfortable in it. I like knowing that he can't…"
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Trip home

Does anyone recommend a car "booster"? If so, which one and at what age? Also, did anyone use a soft carrier for the voyage home or was puppy held during the car ride? Thanks!
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Gibbs first haircut

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