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Cavachon Oliver going home with the Furnis Family, Bristol, CT and at 3 mos. of age!

Cavachon Cooper (2nd Picture down) goes home to Scarsdale, New York !  And bottom picture, (3rd picture down) it is Oliver again, at 3 months of age, Bristol, CT.

Announcing our Accelerated Puppy Program!

Announcing our Accelerated Puppy Training Program!

The Monarchy now offers a two-week  (starting at age 8 weeks) ‘Accelerated Puppy Training Program’ . . . exclusively for our adoptive families.  Price:  $825

The following goals will be reached with our ‘Accelerated Puppy Training Program’:

Your puppy will adjust away from the litter, (which is more dog oriented), to an environment which is more people oriented.  

Your puppy will be crate trained--meaning in most cases, your puppy can hold potty and remain quiet overnight and for extended periods during the day in the crate and/or puppy playpen.

Your puppy will use the potty system of your choice (indoors or outdoors), with good consistency; and, he/she will be on a schedule of eating, drinking, and going potty to make continued house training much easier.

Your puppy will be introduced to walking on a lead and will become familiar with wearing a collar and leash.

Your puppy will learn its name and will be introduced to basic commands:  sit, down, come.

Your puppy will be introduced to basic grooming and maintenance such as coat brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming and teeth cleaning.

This program is most suited for those who do not want, or cannot handle, those first very messy and noisy days of crate training.  Puppies enrolled in the two week program will have just been introduced to the potty training process and will begin to learn what is expected of them.  They will require continued attention to continue the potty training in your home.  For more information, please contact The Monarchy.  Registration is limited.

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Great Potty Training Guidelines Right Here!

Housetraining: What’s really going on?

We tend to think of housetraining as teaching a puppy to eliminate outdoors or in a specific location in our home (or both). Our perception of housetraining tends to focus on indoors versus outdoors or living room versus bathroom.

And many people think that punishing mistakes will teach the pup to eliminate in the right place next time.

But from the puppy’s perspective, the situation is quite different.

Consider this:

  • Most young dogs will begin to avoid eliminating where they eat and sleep at about 5 weeks of age. By about 7 or 8 weeks of age, they begin to develop preferences for the type of surface they use for elimination (i.e. grass vs. paper vs. concrete).
  • Most puppies like to eliminate on absorbent surfaces. A living room rug is just as attractive to them as a patch of grass unless we intervene by helping them develop a clear preference.
  • Puppies don’t focus on “indoors vs. outdoors” as much as they focus on surface, location and smell. We can help them succeed at housetraining by consistently providing only surfaces which will be acceptable for them to use when they are adults (for most people, this is grass, sod, dirt, concrete).
  • Most puppies like to stay clean and avoid eliminating where they eat and sleep. So they tend to “hold” when they cannot walk away from the spot they eliminated in. This is why humane confinement is such a valuable tool in housetraining.
  • Puppies need to feel safe. If they associate eliminating in the presence of a person (and perhaps their leash) with treats and praise, they will readily do so. But if they associate eliminating with a person present with being startled or punished, they will likely try to hold back when someone is there and wait until they are alone to eliminate.
  • Puppies do what works for them. If eliminating on the desired surface, in the desired location always results in treats, play, attention, petting (whatever is pleasing to that puppy at any particular time) and eliminating in other places never results in anything interesting, the pup will be much more inclined to eliminate in the desired area. Focusing on building a strong, positive association with eliminating in the desired place is much more effective (and humane) than attempting to punish errors.

Errorless housetraining is accomplished by using these canine perceptions to our advantage. And it can begin early!


What Can you and your Breeder do to build confidence in your puppy?

The "Rules of 7's" is a concept utilized by good breeders to help develop a confident puppy from birth to 8 weeks of age.

However, we feel that since the age of 8 weeks to 16 weeks is considered "The Sweet Spot" for encouraging the best behaviors and to continue with confidence building, we find that 'new' families will do well to continue along these lines for the first several weeks at home:

"The Rules of 7's"

  1. Experience 7 different types of surfaces--carpets, concrete, wood, vinyl, grass, dirt, gravel, wood chips, etc.
  2. Play with 7 different types of objects, big balls, small balls, soft fabric toys, squeaky toys, paper items (packing paper all crunched up into giant balls) cardboard items (paper towel rolls) metal items, hoses, tunnels, small steps, etc.
  3. Experience 7 different locations - front yard, back yard, garage, laundry room, kitchen, car, etc.
  4. Meet 7 new people - children, older adults, someone with a cane or walking stick, someone in a uniform, etc.
  5. Expose to 7 new challenges, climb off a box, go through a tunnel, climb over obstacles, play hide and seek, go down steps, meet new dogs and other animals.
  6. Eat from 7 different containers.
  7. Eat in 7 different locations.

Continue to be introduced to 'novel' situations, but in moderation!  This will allow puppies to continue to use 'learned' coping skills to face the novel situation, cope with it, recover and remember! (end)



Started by Marie Puchel in Cavachon Forum. Last reply by Melanie McCarthy Mar 3. 12 Replies

Cooper is now 12 weeks old.  He has been fantastic at house training, sort of.  I am crate training him.  When I take him out of the crate and put him in the designated area, he immediately goes.  I don't leave him in the crate more than two or three hours during the daytime.  He's now to the point of whining only once at night to go, sometimes sleeping through the night.  My problem is sometimes he will both poop and pee in his crate, even though he's only been in there less than two hours and he went before I put him in the crate.  I have the divider in the crate so he only has enough room to lay.  Any suggestions on what to do?  I don't want this to be a long-term problem.Continue

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Mar 19
Melanie McCarthy replied to Marie Puchel's discussion Housetraining
"Wow, that is really good news.  Thanks for sharing.  Your perseverance paid off!  Melanie"
Mar 3
Marie Puchel replied to Marie Puchel's discussion Housetraining
"Melanie, Just to update, Cooper's really got it figured out.  I took the pads outside, let him use the pads on the porch for one day.  The next day, I put the pads down on the ground, the one and only spot that isn't covered with…"
Mar 3
Melanie McCarthy replied to Marie Puchel's discussion Housetraining
"Just a few things, it is great that you are already seeing changes, positive changes. Water, he should always have access to water, for health reasons.  I would not withhold water as you would never want him to become dehydrated. Secondly, the…"
Mar 1
Marie Puchel replied to Marie Puchel's discussion Housetraining
"Just a follow-up.  I've changed Cooper's feeding schedule to what you suggested, twice a day.  The vet had told me three times a day.  I think part of the problem was that I was giving him too much food because he's…"
Mar 1
Marie Puchel replied to Marie Puchel's discussion Housetraining
"Thanks for that info, Linda. He actually plays with Jayda's Snuggle Puppy quite often.  It's one of the things Jayda has decided it's okay for Cooper to play with.  But not her bones!  And a couple times yesterday when…"
Feb 24
Melanie McCarthy replied to Marie Puchel's discussion Housetraining
"Love this advice and I am sure it will help with other families, especially those who are getting ready to bring their baby home.  It is amazing how quickly you can potty train if you follow these guidelines and the meal scheduling is very very…"
Feb 24
Linda Rogers replied to Marie Puchel's discussion Housetraining
"Hi Marie and Melanie, Marie, Melanie has given some great advice here.  I will offer my advice. We suggest scheduled feedings at exactly the same time every day.  When you feed, do not leave the food dish down for more than 15 minutes.…"
Feb 24
Melanie McCarthy replied to Marie Puchel's discussion Housetraining
"I think you've got it exactly right!  He is still very much a baby, a puppy.  It would be very similar to leaving a human baby.  And companion dogs will develop anxiety very quickly if separated from their loved ones for a length…"
Feb 23
Marie Puchel replied to Marie Puchel's discussion Housetraining
"Definitely waiting more than an hour after eating or drinking before he's being left, and I don't leave until he's gone potty.  My gut feeling tells me this is an anxiety issue of being left alone."
Feb 23
Melanie McCarthy replied to Marie Puchel's discussion Housetraining
"Hi Marie, Since his is still only 4 weeks into potty training, to help you with this, I would plan grocery shopping either when someone else is home, so that you can take him out every hour to reinforce going out and then holding it; or be sure he…"
Feb 23
Marie Puchel replied to Marie Puchel's discussion Housetraining
"I probably didn't do a very good job of explaining the situation. He is totally zonked out by 8 p.m., and I'm not much farther behind because I start work at 5 a.m.  It's rare that he gets up during the night, but he will whine…"
Feb 23
Melanie McCarthy replied to Marie Puchel's discussion Housetraining
"Hi Marie, It is unusual for a pup to poop and pee in his crate; when do you give him the last meal/and or treat of the day?  His last meal should be at about 6 p.m. so that he won't have eliminate after being put in the crate.  It…"
Feb 22
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